Your Revenue, Your Time, Your Sanity

We provide cutting-edge data mapping algorithms to ingest, organize, normalize and visualize your revenue so you can focus on - producing great content.

The Problem

The average publisher has to pull 20+ revenue sources a day, organize, and normalize the data, build and maintain multiple dashboards, reports and analytics.

atlasMind makes your marketing more efficient

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It's Time to Ditch It All

  • atlasMind helps with revenue gathering

    Ditch being a slave to the revenue gathering, management and attribution process

  • atlasMind reduces technical debt

    Ditch outdated internal systems accruing perpetual technical debt

  • atlasMind reduces technical clutter

    Ditch pivot tables, repetitive data pulls, and the need for custom API's

  • atlasMind uses custom solutions

    Ditch templated, cookie cutter software platforms that over promise and over charge

  • atlasMind reduces technical clutter

    Ditch having to hire or allocate tech to build and maintain numerous APIs

  • atlasMind is state of the art

    Ditch “clipboard” data-entry and excel reports

Simplify Your Revenue Tracking

We listen to your business rules, and build custom-tailored reports
that save you hours of work daily

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Legible Reporting
  • Enjoy a unified reporting dashboard and custom early morning synopsis emails
  • Share the advertising credentials and our algorithms will pull from over 250 unique sources
Developer-Free Install
  • We require no engineering time, onboarding lag, or other time-sucks
  • Finally identify the daily revenue discrepancies that are depleting your true earnings
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Start making informed decisions with your revenue partners today.

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